Richardson and Plano Heat Pump Installation, Repairs, & Replacement

Richardson Heat Pumps

Making sure that you have a reliable expert to call on for your heat pump services is the key to long term success. Homeowners who take a gamble and just call on the first name that they come across often end up with inferior results. You should never take a gamble with anything that conducts such an important function for your home.

A Richardson heat pump helps to keep your home warm all throughout the cold winter months. Located outside your home, this system draws in air and heats it before delivering this warm air through your forced air system. This is also a beneficial system because it helps to control humidity levels in your home.

Simply put, a heat pump is a machine that moves heat. During the winter, your heat pump is able to draw any existing warm air from the outdoors and bring it inside. In the summer, it does the opposite by pulling warm air indoors and sending it outside.

What all of this means is that you need to have a quality Richardson Air Conditioning company in order to keep your system running properly. From the beginning with the installation to the repairs and tune-up work you get. It all works in conjunction to provide you with an efficient heating and cooling system. And AC Pros wants to be the name that you rely on to get this service work done.

Quality Heat Pump Service

Like anything mechanical, your heat pump is made up for parts that can breakdown. The last thing that you want is to end up needing repairs or, even worse, emergency replacement in the middle of a winter snow storm. Some common issues that you may run across:

  • Improper Installation – Even a so-called pro can mess up installation and you may never know why your heat pump doesn't work properly.
  • Icing – Since your system is located outside, it is not unusual for ice to form and cause problems for your heat pump.
  • Constantly Running – While a heat pump can stop working altogether, it can also end up running non-stop. Check what temperature the thermostat is set on and if that is not the problem, make it a point to give us a call.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you by also offering evening and Saturday service. We are also available for emergency service needs. So don't delay, act today by giving us a call.

Heat Pump Pros

With over 35 years in the industry, you can feel good knowing AC Pros is dedicated to this line of work. We are not some fly by night outfit who will overcharge for shoddy workmanship and then disappear. Don't take chances with it comes to your service needs.

Any time you need heat pump service, you can call on us. Our focus is on providing you with optimal performance and maximum longevity.

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